Requiring less than 80 sq. ft. of floor space, the  SVP 145 is ideal for precise sizing of panels over 12 feet long. Safety is paramount as the operator never has to place hands near a moving saw blade during operation. The front-loading design is better for the operator’s back since they don’t have to wrestle a sheet across a table, and cuts are always true to square since the saw assembly moves along calibrated beams and the sheet remains stationary (tolerance of .004 inch over 40 inches). 

Every SVP 145 features a fully-welded steel frame for strength and durability, UL-registered 5 hp self-braking motor, aluminium support feet with resin soles, lift-up rollers for material handling, and horizontal repeat strip cutting device. The SVP 145 can be offered in three variations (S Series, Standard and Automatic) and can be customized to cut almost any material including wood, solid surface, plastic and aluminium composites.  


  • Manual (S Series) or Automatic Shifting Grid (Standard and Automatic) 

  • UL-Registered Self-braking Motor (230V/3 phase/60Hz) 

  • 2 Programmable Hard Stops on Saw Bridge 

  • 5 Lock Positions for Cross-cuts 

  • Full-length Mid Grid Support Shelf 

  • Horizontal Repeat Strip Cutting Device 

  • Supplementary Low Level Stop (Standard and Automatic) 

  • Aluminium Support Feet and Lift-up Roller System 

  • All standard accessories: safety device, soundproofing, service tools, user manual 


Technical Data: 

  • Max. Vertical Cutting Height 

7 ft. 2 in. (2200 mm) 

  • Max. Horizontal Trimming Height 

6 ft. 7 in.  (2080 mm) 

  • Max. Horizontal Cutting Length 

13 ft. 9 in. (4200 mm) 

  • Max. Cutting Depth 

2 2/5” in. (60 mm) 

  • Main Motor Power 

5 hp - S Series and Standard  

6 hp - Automatic 

  • Saw Blade Diameter 

250 mm 

  • Saw Blade Speed 

6360 rpm