S-750 Series

The Nederman S-Series baghouse dust collector is the hugely successful baby brother of the long established and respected ‘NF’ family of wood-waste dust collectors. Quick to install and easy to operate, it is the ideal solution for the small shop or single work-cell operation. It is designed to be used indoors and is compliant with the latest NFPA 664 guidelines.

The S-Series dust collector can handle up to 8.500 m3/hr (5,000 CFM) and comes in three models: the 3,7 Kw (5 hp) ‘S-500’, the 5,6 Kw (7.5 hp) ‘S-750’ and the 7,5 Kw (10 hp) ‘S-1000’.

Key features

  • Neat, compact, unobtrusive

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Bag or steel bin dust collection options

  • Standard units in three sizes

  • One bag size fits all

  • Quiet running efficient 1,450 RPM (1,750 RPM North America) fans

  • Simple maintenance

  • Quick Fit versatile clip together duct connections


Typical applications

  • Woodwork, dust extraction from small and medium workshops

  • Mixed workshop applications

  • Educational workshops – ceramics, crafts, woodwork

Wurth Part #

Most machines have varying port sizes, add all ports and their recommended air volumes to calculate your air volume requirement.

Example: (Port Type A + Port type B = Total Air Volume)

A. 2 ports @ 4" = 800 CFM

B. 3 Ports @ 6" = 2700 CFM

Total Air Volume = 3500 CFM