Robopac has revolutionized how pallets are being wrapped today. Fortune 500 companies are turning to variable pre-stretch levels to maximize at what level the film is being applied to their pallets. Imagine being able to turn down the amount of force that is being applied to a pallet on sharp corners or increasing how tightly you are wrapping the load at the base.

Robopac’s intuitive 7 inch color touchscreen makes it easy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping each of your loads. You control pre-stretch, containment force, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels on each load.

Wurth Part #


The Rotoplat 708 comes with Robopac’s patented powered pre-stretch roll carriage. The film carriage features an S Winding Pattern Roll Carriage with Quick Load System that provides 40% more film contact than the W Winding pattern giving you more yield from every roll of stretch film.

This innovative, dual motor pre-stretch system provides you the ability to pre-stretch film from 150% up to 400% using two independent, variable AC motors.

  • Roll carriage lift motor with encoder, delivers precise placement of the film (within 0.2 inches of setting) when used in Multi Level Control mode.

  • The Rotoplat 708 turntable is supported by 28 heavy duty casters and can handle loads up to 4,400 lbs. Weight capacity increases to 5,500 lbs by simply adding 16 casters. This can be done at order entry or added later in the field.


  • Photocell automatically detects top of load and utilizes infrared sensors that provide better readings on dark and/or shiny products that can provide false readings with traditional sensors.


  • NEMA 12 control panel enclosure protects against dust, dirt, fibers and lint. It also protects from dripping water, external condensation and other noncorrosive liquids.


  • Tubular cold rolled steel mast provides superior rigidity, minimizing torque and flex.


  • Heavy duty chain provides smooth and accurate carriage travel up and down. New heavy duty 1 hp AC motor and gear box ensure years of trouble-free performance.


  • Forklift portable from both the front and back. Making it safe and easy to place the Rotoplat 708 anywhere in your operation.


  • CE approved, conforming to global electrical and safety standards.


  • Control panel is UL508 approved.

ROTOPLAT 708 with CUBE technology