Thanks to the experience matured in time, Robopac presents a new range of self-propelled packaging machines, Robot S6. The combination between the catchy design and the sophisticated technology makes Robot S6 the absolute leader in its sector.

The use of advanced technologies such as the new 7” colour touch screen control panel and of the utmost attention to safety systems represents the essence of the developing capacity of Robopac. Robot S6 is capable of packaging any type of product, shape or size and thanks to the exclusion of the electronic edge counting system, even cylinder shaped products can be packed. Robot S6 is provided with a high level of packaging autonomy and great work flexibility. It is the ideal partner for all of those industrial realities which require maximum elasticity in terms of logistics and warehouse management.

Wurth Part #

Robot S6 PVS

  • Variable pre-stretch ensures the best film economy for any load.  Robopac's Variable Pre-stretch Technology reduces film costs 30%-55% over competitive stretch wrap machines.

  • Pro-Active corner compensation combines the latest in the load cell and encoder technologies giving you the ability to apply film to any load securely without crushing the corners of your load, while increasing containment on the flat sides.

  • Multi-level containment force settings on the control panel deliver optimal containment force at each level and enable delivery of the highest pre-stretch levels.

  • Strategic film placement allows you to place the film exactly where it has the most impact on the load containment.

  • Nine wrapping menus allow you to pre-program wrap parameeters to effectively wrap varied loads with minimal operator interaction.  Program your most common wrap settings and recall them at the touch of a finger.

  • The portability of the Robot S6 can deliver 20+% productivity improvement in order-picked warrehouse applications.