Minimax ME35-2018-800.jpeg

Automatic Glue Pot Edgebander with Full Corner Rounding
The Minimax ME 35TR3 is a 3-phase automatic edgebander with great flexibility for both thin and thick edges, intended to
bridge the gap between a traditional small to midsize edgebander for woodworkers; to the more robust equipment used in
the Classical line of products. Two of the key features are the pre-mill and corner rounding units. There is no competition in
the U.S. market for such a small, versatile machine, with pre-mill or corner rounding that is so economical! This machine is
meant to be used with melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3mm. This amazing machine boasts capacities usually only
found on much larger and expensive machines. The ME 35TR3 comes with an anti-adhesive unit, pre-milling unit, endcutting/
corner rounding, top and bottom trimming, edge scraping, glue scraping, and buffing unit, with 3mm edge processing

**Specifications are subject to change**
Worktable dimensions 3000 x 525mm
Worktable height 904mm
Thickness of rolled edges 0.4 - 3mm
Min. to max. panel height 8 - 50mm
Min. panel length/width with rolled edges 120/110mm
Feed speed 7 m/min
Feed motor power 0.55 kW
Pneumatic operating pressure 6.5 bar
Exhaust outlet glue pot 60mm
Exhaust outlet pre-milling unit 80mm (x2)
Exhaust outlet trimming unit 60mm (x2)
Operating temperature 20 - 190°C (68 - 374°F)