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The key to successful profile sanding is a combination of machine versatility, use of the correct abrasive medium, and a little patience and understanding. The results are a remarkable increase in consistency, quality, and productivity. LARICK’S line of profile sanders offers a variety of models to fit the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we will help you understand the requirements, capabilities, and limitations of successful profile sanding systems. You provide the patience! The purchase of a Larick Profile Sander can result in substantial savings in labor; increased productivity, consistency, and quality; and the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship between us.


LARICK MODELS 361, 362, 364
In order to optimize profile sanding, most profiles should have the wheel tilted to minimize the depth the profile goes into the wheel, and to keep the abrasive as flat as possible on the wheel. Larick’s family of 360’s can tilt either forward or backward to achieve this. It also has a simple, stationary, rigid, but removable fence, and features both vertical and horizontal spindle adjustment from the front of the machine. Horizontal spindle adjustment allows the operator to quickly make fine adjustments of sanding pressure without moving the fence. Tilt changes are easily made utilizing a crank and easy to read scale. They use an AC inverter for variable speed on the direct drive motor. The inverter provides precise speed control with it’s display showing spindle RPM. The only difference between models is input voltage.


1.5 HP Direct Drive


361: 115 or 208-240/1/50-60

362: 208-240/1 or 3/50-60

364: 460/3/50-60

Variable Speed:

AC Inverter 400-1800 rpm


1” Dia. by 4” Tall

Vertical Adjustment:


Horizontal Adjustment:


Wheel Tilt:

60 degree Forward; 40 degree Back



Table Height:

36 inches

Table Size:

36" x 33"

Floor Space:

33" x 33"


375 lbs.