K560 Automatic Edgebander with Two Motors Corner Rounding

Automatic edge bander with glue pot to edge band, with great flexibility, with melaminic edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm and wooden strips up to 5 mm. Machine for professional craftsmen and joineries.
Productive and compact edge bander, designed to operate for many hours per day with a 18 m/min feed speed. It is the ideal solution for all companies that require high productivity when machining a large number of panels at the same time.
  • "Round X" rounding unit: productivity and quality with 2 motors technology. The features of the unit allow for the double function of both the simultaneous trimming and rounding operations. The two joint operations, in a single group, require less space and, together with the working distance between panes of only 600 mm, give a reduction in time for the edge banding.

  • "R-K" trimming unit: 3 different machining. Rapid machining changeover between thin, thick and solid wood edges due to the 3 working positions and the "Combi" tool supplied as a standard feature.

  • "Touch 7" control: just a "touch" to use the machine. Error free machining with the touch-screen display with its customised graphics that allows an intuitive and easy selection of the main machine functions.

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Olimpic k 560

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