Is the definition of industrial grade. It is the heaviest, most powerful and highest quality 10” cabinet saw available. The 3HP, 1ph, 230v configuration with a 36” Industrial T-Glide Fence Assembly offers the durability, versatility, and the peace of mind only SawStop’s patented safety system can provide. The 3.0, 5.0 or 7.5hp Industrial Cabinet Saw offers 36” or 52” rip capacities.
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With the utmost in precision and heavy-duty construction, plus the revolutionary safety feature that’s made SawStop famous and a dust collection system that’s second-to-none, it is, simply put, the finest SawStop table saw ever made. It offers the widest range of motor and power options on the market, including an available 7.5hp motor. 


  • SawStop feature automatically stops and retracts the blade on contact with skin

  • Low profile blade guard collects above table dust and minimizes blade exposure

  • Make fast and easy transitions between blade guard and riving knife with no tools required

  • Zero-clearance insert has quick-release mechanism for tool-free access to the saw cavity

  • 99% Efficient Dust Collection: Advanced control of over-and-under table airflow captures dust at the blade and directs it out of the saw

  • T-Glide rail system and widely spaced glide plates provide smooth travel along the length of the table

  • Premium craftsmanship and rigorous engineering combine to create a saw you'll love to use

  • Precision alignment system lets you adjust the blade and table alignment with precision not found on other saws

Model Options

Industrial 36"

36” rip capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly

69-1/4″ w x 36-1/2″ d x 34″ h

Industrial 52"

52” rip capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly

85-1/4″ w x 36-1/2″ d x 34″ h

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Industrial Cabinet Saw Overview

Technical Data

  • Motor: (all 60Hz, TEFC): 3.0, 5.0 & 7.5hp available

  • Cabinet footprint: 20'' w x 25'' d

  • Cast iron table: 24'' w x 30'' d

  • Cast iron table (w/ extension wings): 44'' w x 30'' d

  • Extension wings: 10'' w x 30'' d each

  • Extension table (36 in rails): 24'' w x 30'' d

  • Extension table (52 in rails): 40'' w x 30'' d

  • Weights - table saw only: 530 lbs

  • Weights - w/ 36 in fence systems: 635 lbs

  • Weights - w/ 52 in fence systems: 685 lbs

  • Shipping weight (approx.): 640 lb (table saw only)

  • Blade: 60-tooth, prof. grade, 5/8'' arbor

  • Blade diameter: 10''

  • Blade tilt: Left

  • Blade kerf: 0.118'' (3mm)

  • Blade plate thickness: 0.078'' (2mm)

  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º: 3-1/8''

  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º: 2-1/4''

  • Max. rip, right of blade - 36 in: 36-1/2'' (w/ optional 36'' rails)

  • Max. rip, right of blade - 52 in: 52-1/2'' (w/ optional 52'' rails)

  • Max. rip, left of blade: 12-1/2''

  • Dado diameter: 8'' (requires a separate brake cartridge and insert)

  • Dado max. width: 13/16''

  • Arbor diameter at blade: 5/8''

  • Main bearing size: 62mm OD x 30mm ID

  • Second bearing size: 52mm OD x 25mm ID

  • Table in front of blade (max. elevation): 11''

  • Table behind blade (max. elevation): 9-3/4''

  • Arbor Runout: 0.001'' Maximum allowable runout

  • Table flatness measured diagonally: 0.010'' Maximum gap

  • Blade alignment with miter slot: 0.010'' Maximum displacement

  • Deviation of miter gauge indexing stops from actual: ±0.25º

  • Alignment between splitter and blade: 0.010'' Maximum difference

  • Miter slots T-shaped: 3/4'' at top, 1'' at bottom, 3/8'' deep

  • Miter slots center: 11-1/8'' center-to-center

  • Miter slots info: 5-1/2'' (arbor flange to center of right slot)

  • Dust collection port diameter: 4''

  • Riving knife / splitter thickness: 0.090'' (2.3 mm)

  • Blade guard (dust collection): PC, extends 1-3/16'' to right of blade

  • Blade guard (micro guard): N/A

  • Insert: zero clearance, phenolic core, melamine surfaces

  • Hand wheels: 8'' diameter, cast iron w/ chrome handle

  • Belts: 2 V-ribbed belts