PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector - with HEPA Filter Kit

Introducing the Powermatic PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector with HEPA filtration. The PM2200 pairs the benefits of cyclonic dust collection with the time honored legacy of the Powermatic standard. The all-metal construction provides a stables base for quiet operation and minimal vibration. The Powermatic Cyclone is only cyclonic dust collector on the market with an Auto-Cleaning HEPA filter. The included HEPA filter traps 99.97% of all particles at 0.3 micron. With other market leading features such as a one-handed drum release lever, vacuum pressure gauge, and frameless dust bag vacuum retention, the Powermatic PM2200 Cyclone Dust Collector is an innovative addition to the Powermatic family.

  • Proprietary Auto-Cleaning HEPA Filter technology for better filtration and longer filter life

  • HEPA Filter collects 99.97% of all particles passing through as small as 0.3 Micron

  • Powerful 3 HP motor moves 1,543 Cubic Feet if air per Minute

  • Integrated vacuum lines in the drum retain the bag without the need for a separate bag frame

  • One-handed drum release allows for simple removal of the drum for bag changes

  • Vacuum pressure gauge for greater user feedback