CT108   6" x 108" EDGE SANDER

For sanding hard to reach edges of your workpieces, the Cantek CT108 6" x 108" Edge Sander is a great machine to have. This sander has a large front table which you can tilt and adjust the height, allowing you to maximize the equipment’s sanding belt. If you need to sand curved components, the slide table with adjustable height will help you get the best sanding outcome. This Cantek edge sander also consists of adjustment knobs for belt tension and tracking adjustments and heavy duty steel base for quick, accurate and rigid during sanding. 

Wurth Part #


  • Large front table can be tilted and adjusted in height to utilize the full width of the sanding belt

  • Slide table is supplied for sanding curved components and can be adjusted in height

  • Fast and convenient adjustment for belt tension and tracking by adjustment knobs on the idler drum assembly

  • Rugged heavy gauge steel base ensures stable and rigid performance during sanding operations

  • Sanding belt safety guard

  • CSA Magnetic starter