The Dust Collector CP/1.C MAKSIWA is ideal for collecting light powder of small machines, used in handicraft cabinet shops and low production. Is provided with an adapter that is coupled to the end of the hose can assist in cleaning the floor. Note that the air flow of CP/1.C is only 17 m³/min, so your indication is to use it only in woodwork environments, for which it was developed. The MAKSIWA Dust Collectors have wheels for easy movement in your cabinet shop.


  • 1HP - 1Phase or 3 Phase available

  • Adapter for collecting the debris on the ground


  • Height:  1.560 mm (61,4″)

  • Motor:  1 Phase, 3 Phase

  • Reservoir Capacity:  60 L = 0,06 m³ = 2,12ft³

  • Air Flow:  17 m³/min (600 ft³/min)

  • Diameter Vs Entry Number:  4” (100 mm) x 1

  • Weight:  33 kg (72,8 pounds)

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dust-collector-cp1c (v21)
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