TU.700.MM Wood Shaper with Sliding Table

The Shaper TU.700.MM MAKSIWA realize the same operations as the previous models, but with cast iron table, which gives more robust and stable machine to ensure more accurate finishes. It has a differential, front sliding table. This accessory allows you to perform small operations in doors corners, window frames and others. For manual workpieces feeding , the cutter protection which increases the safety of the operator. Another option is adapt a Power Feeder to do the feeder process automatically. The Shaper TU.700.MM MAKSIWA is appropriate for crafts, framers, lowering and others. When choosing, decide by a Shaper with quality recognized in the market: TU.700.MM MAKSIWA.


  • Motor: 3 HP, 1 Phase or 3 Phase

  • Spindle Diameter: 30 mm (1.2″)

  • Mobile Table Dimensions: 500 (19.7″) x 320 (12.6″) mm

  • Table Dimensions: 700 (27.6″) x 555 (21.9″) mm

  • Vertical Table Track: 90 mm (3.5″)

  • Table Material: Die Casting

  • Speed: 8.900 RPM

  • Weight: 200 kg (441 pounds)

Wurth Part #
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