TU.600.BD Wood Shaper and Trimmer

The TU.600.BD MAKSIWA, has high operating speed of 13,200 RPM, allowing trimming workpieces from manual Edgebanders. A trimming machine existing on the market, can cost up to 8 times higher than the TU.600.BD MAKSIWA to do the same job. To lowering and profiling frames, the TU.600.BD MAKSIWA, has besides the axis to conventional cutters Ø ½” (12.7mm), a set of adaptadors to manual cutters, ideal for crafts. Agility and versatility to offer multiple functions in one machine, with MAKSIWA quality assurance, you only find in TU.600.BD MAKSIWA. TU.600.BD MAKSIWA, the ideal machine for you!


  • Motor: 1 Phase, 1 HP

  • Spindle Diameter: 12,7 mm (0,5″)

  • Table Dimensions: 610 (24″) x 480 (18,9″) mm

  • Vertical Table Track: 22,5 mm (0,89″)

  • Table Material: Die Casting

  • Speed: 13.200 RPM

  • Weight: 95 kg (209.4 pounds)

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