Perfect for furntiure or cabinet construction where dovetail joints are required.  The high precision spindle runs at 21,500RPM for beautiful machining in solid wood or plywood. Simple adjustment for the mortise and tenon depths along with four clamping cylinders keep the work piece firmly in position while the cast iron structure ensures precision and vibration free operation. 
Wurth Part #


  • Single spindle automatic dovetailer

  • Independent adjustment of both the tenon & the mortise depth for precise fitting of dovetail joints

  • Dust hood for milling cutter

  • Safety rail in front of spindle motor 

  • Cast iron base to ensure vibration free cutting

  • Auto lubrication system to spindle stroke

  • Working width 2.36"-16.93" 

  • Vertical material thickness 0.275"-2.36" 

  • Horizontal material thickness 0.394"-1.18" 

  • Dovetail joints 21,500 RPM spindle rotation for an extremely fine finish on 

  • 2HP, 230V, 3 PH spindle motor 

  • Solid drawer sides High RPM spindle allows for precision machining of plywood & 

  • Fixed pitch machine at 1" (25.4mm)

  • 3 cycle speeds (16, 22, 31 cycles/min)

Technical Data